“We support the creation of sustainable employment through the encouragement and stimulation of private and co-operative enterprise in County Wexford and to impact positively on the social fabric of the County”


“Independent; not-for-profit; For Wexford, by Wexford.”


‘‘Creating Social Enterprises to generate social and entrepreneurial change.”


“Using a shared history to develop international trade.”


Recycling 2000 – “Our goal is to improve our environment by reducing the amount of waste entering landfill.”

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Who we are

Wexford Enterprise Association is an independent, not-for-profit organisation recognised nationally for our pioneering approach to the development of sustainable models of Social Enterprise. By creating these initiatives, we are able to generate social and entrepreneurial advancement projects which serve to enhance the social fabric of the community in which we live.

What we do

Wexford Enterprise Association, through our group divisions of Wexford Enterprise Centre, Datagroup, Recycling 2000 and TradeBridge, create economic social enterprises which generates employment opportunities and revenue streams to fund social advancement and entrepreneurial development programmes. We create direct employment and also support others to create sustainable employment.

Why we do it

The seeds of Wexford Enterprise Association were sown in 1986 from a resolve to do something within our community to help ourselves. Since then, our aspiration has been to provide supports and structures for all those who live in our geographical area, especially for those combating social exclusion, marginalisation, disability and social disadvantage, so that we all have the opportunity to develop and contribute to the growth of our community.

Social Enterprise

Wexford Enterprise Centre

Wexford Enterprise Centre (WEC) is a social enterprise division of Wexford Enterprise Association (WEA). What began as a modest and simple venture … READ MORE


Following a research programme conducted in 2008-2009 into the creation of employment for individuals combating disability… READ MORE

Recycling 2000

Recycling 2000 commenced operations in 1993 with the aim of developing a range of Animal Bedding products for the equine and dairy markets by using ….READ MORE

Social Advancement

Youth Mental Health Support

Recognising the ever-increasing demand for youth mental health support, in 2019 WEA partnered with Ferns Diocesan Youth Service (FDYS) … READ MORE

Disability Employment Opportunities

We nurture ability through social inclusion. Our values are founded on the principles of fairness, equality and integrity…READ MORE

Entrepreneurial Development


Wexford Enterprise Association through Wexford Enterprise Centre and in conjunction with our partners at Wexford County Council… READ MORE

Student Enterprise Awards

The Student Enterprise Awards Programme was established in 1994 by Wexford Enterprise Association and…. READ MORE