1986 – 1987 Wexford Community Development Association Society Limited founded

Now known as Wexford Enterprise Association or WEA, premises were identified, a lease was agreed and a General Manager was appointed, for the creation of an ‘Enterprise Centre’. The initial renovation programme begins.

1989 – Wexford Enterprise Centre officially opens

12 Companies take up residency in the building.

1993 – Recycling 2000 is launched

An environmental and jobs creation initiative to redirect waste paper from landfills to create animal bedding products.

1994 – Student Enterprise Awards / Celtic Enterprises project

Designed to give secondary students the experience of setting up and running their own businesses. Subsequently a joint Irish/Welsh collaboration was set up to design a European model, which was cited by the EU as ‘best practice in Entrepreneurship secondary level education’.

1996 – First organisational review conducted

The need to advance the management structure was identified and led to the appointment of the organisation’s first Chief Executive, Brendan Ennis.

1998 – Wexford Enterprise Centre premises purchased

The organisation succeeded in purchasing the Enterprise Centre from the landlord, marking a major milestone in WEA’s history.

2000 – 2004 Phase Two Development begins

The second significant building refurbishment programme commenced, which included the reroofing of the entire Centre, the construction of The McConnell Business Hall and the of addition of 9000 sq. ft. of premium office space and conference rooms to the premises.

2004 – 2006 – Major fire destroys 1/3 of all the industrial units

9 out of 24 businesses were forced to temporarily relocate, but all remained in operation. The damaged area was subsequently rebuilt and upgraded.

2008 – South East Enterprise Centre Association (SEECA) established

WEA also assisted in the formation of the National Association of Community Enterprise Centres (NACEC).

2008 – 2009 – Phase Three Development begins

Office, food and commercial space expands to 45,000 sq. ft., including a new café and meeting rooms.

2010 – Datagroup

A document and data management section of WEA was conceived and created. The business was specifically designed to provide direct employment for those combating margalisation and disadvantage.

2011 – The FUSE Initiative

An entrepreneurial-led organisation created to foster networking, collaboration, funding opportunities, and peer-learning opportunities amongst enterprises based in the Southeast region.

2012 – Techovate

A two-day unique business and technology conference which brought together senior global business and IT leaders, including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Cisco and IBM to share their expertise with Irish SMEs and entrepreneurs.

2014 – The Williams Innovation Room opens

This purpose built, state-of-the-art, innovation space was designed to inspire and facilitate idea generation to help start-ups, SMEs and larger companies when developing strategic planning for their businesses.

2018 – TradeBridge

An international pilot trade initiative in conjunction with Wexford County Council, Enterprise Ireland and Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA), USA, which resulted in export trade between both regions for the first time.

2018 – The Cube

A unique, co-working space for concept and early-stage start-up businesses was designed, developed and launched.

2020 – TradeBridge Expansion

European funding secured through Enterprise Ireland to deliver a regional development export programme for the Southeast.

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