Wexford Enterprise Association, through Wexford Enterprise Centre and in conjunction with our partners at Wexford County Council, Enterprise Ireland, Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA) and the World Trade Center Savannah, conceived and incubated the pilot TradeBridge initiative. Founded on historical ties spanning 170 years from the time when immigrants from Wexford fled the famine and settled in Savannah, the shared history and culture created a strong foundation from which TradeBridge was built.

TradeBridge was launched with the key aim to create a trade corridor into the US for Wexford companies, as well as creating a new gateway for Savannah based businesses to export into Europe. 35 companies from Wexford and the Southeast engaged with the TradeBridge pilot programme, representing the Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing, Agritech, Education and Information, Communications & Technology (ICT) sectors.

With the provision of a further three-year funding granted from Enterprise Ireland under their Regional Enterprise Development Fund, TradeBridge is now developing into a fully-fledged Regional Development Programme which will see it expand into the five counties in the Southeast of Ireland and the sixteen counties in the Southeast region of Georgia.

“For the 17 years I have been at SEDA, we have no more committed international economic development partners than those in Wexford.” Brynn Grant, Chief Operating Officer for SEDA and Vice President for World Trade Center Savannah, 2019

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