Business model

Business model

From the outset, the core foundation of our voluntary Board was created by independent individuals with diverse knowledge and experience to give voice to the three essential elements thought necessary to fuse the economic and social activities within our community:

  • Economic Social Enterprise – The fuel that drives the engine
  • Entrepreneurial Development – Creating new pathways
  • Social Advancement – Our ultimate destination in delivering equality

Our vision is based on the principles of three equal support elements, similar to a three-legged
stool. Each leg needs to be of equal length, strength and importance if stability is to be achieved.
This unique mix affords us the ability to deliver business creation and growth, coupled with
advanced supports for marginalised individuals within our community.

To create, nurture and deliver an entrepreneurial culture which will leave a lasting imprint locally, nationally and internationally.

To create economic enterprises which generate employment opportunities and revenue streams to fund entrepreneurial development and social advancement programmes.

To impact positively on the social fabric of our County with programmes to combat inequality and create opportunities for socially marginalised individuals.

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