Student Enterprise Awards

Student Enterprise Awards

The Student Enterprise Awards Programme was established in 1994 by Wexford Enterprise Association and Wexford County Enterprise Board, now known as Wexford Local Enterprise Office. Our aim was to give secondary school students the experience of setting up and running their own business. What began as a Wexford-only initiative is now a successful national and European programme.

Working with our partners, Wexford LEO, WEA developed a European Enterprise Education model in a joint project with Career Wales West, which was supported through Interreg. This model was successfully adopted and is cited by the EU as best practice in Entrepreneurship Secondary Level Education. This enterprise education initiative is now funded by the Government of Ireland through Enterprise Ireland and administered by the 31 individual Local Enterprise Offices in local authorities throughout the country.

The programme lays the foundation for early-stage entrepreneurship and gives participants the skills necessary to run a small business, treating self-employment as a real career option. The entrepreneurial skills that the students learn while completing the Student Enterprise Programme enhance their confidence, creativity, problem-solving and team-working abilities.

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