Disability Employment Opportunities

Disability Employment Opportunities

We nurture ability through social inclusion. Our values are founded on the principles of fairness, equality and integrity. Wexford Enterprise Association (WEA) has worked with EmployAbility Service Wexford and the Department of Social Protection for more than a decade to challenge the low levels of sustainable jobs for people with disability by developing initiatives to encourage the employment of individuals combating disability, marginalisation and social disadvantage. Together our aim is to empower individuals with physical disability to find sustainable employment within our community.

We have designed an integrated working environment that creates a level playing field for individuals of all abilities, where a person’s skills are matched to task, and where physical ability or disability is therefore not a factor. 50% of our staff live with a physical disability, but because our work practices and working environment has been adjusted to meet their physical needs, they now have the resources and facilities they require to deliver a professional, competent and essential service to our valued clients.

In 2019, WEA and EmployAbility Service Wexford launched a new programme for Resident Companies based in Wexford Enterprise Centre. This programme, known as WorkAbility, offers financial incentives and guidance to encourage employers to build an integrated workforce by hiring individuals from the disabled community and therefore help them to secure sustainable employment.

For more information of EmployAbility Wexford, visit employabilitywexford.ie

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