Wexford Enterprise Centre cautiously welcomes the changes to the Government Covid restrictions which came into effect on Monday, 28 February 2022. We look forward to our Resident Companies and the Centre itself returning to a more stable, normal, and vibrant working environment. But we also acknowledge that the virus remains active within our community and therefore our response to the new Government Guidelines, while positive in nature, is cautious in practice and delivery.

Speaking directly to the 32 companies resident in Wexford Enterprise Centre, CEO Brendan Ennis said, “I would like to sincerely thank each of you, your staff and your visitors for the unwavering support and understanding you have afforded to my team and I, in our efforts to maintain Wexford Enterprise Centre as a safe, healthy, and secure environment from which to work. Your cooperation is always very much appreciated, but never taken for granted.”

Wexford Enterprise Centre intends to eliminate, modify, or maintain elements of our current Covid-19 Health, Safety and Wellbeing policies and practices. Our main priority remains the protection of our Resident Companies, our combined Staff, and all those visiting the Centre.

Masks & Social Distancing
While the wearing of Masks and Social Distancing is no longer mandated within the common areas of the Centre as of today, we respectively suggest that when using these common areas, you are mindful of others also using the Centre, and if possible, please continue to social distance and wear a mask or face covering while using all communal areas of the building.

Cleaning & Sanitising
Working together we have achieved a hygienic and safe working environment and the Centre’s increased cleaning and sanitation programs will continue. We are maintaining ALL hand sanitising stations throughout the Centre and we strongly encourage their use. It is important to note, each tenant is responsible for keeping their own unit hygienically clean and ensuring their staff maintain a high level of personal hygiene at all times and follow all advice detailed on:

Entry and exiting the Centre
For the month of March, we are maintaining the current Entry and Exits point to and from the Centre as is. Entry to the Centre will be through the Front Reception Door and the only exit is by way of the McConnell door at the end of the building Infront of the McConnell stairs. All other external doors and shutter doors will remain closed to the public and kept closed at all times apart from when loading or accepting a delivery. These practices will be reviewed at the end of the March.

Temperature Control Checks
We are ceasing these checks, but please be advised that it may be re-introduced if it is deemed necessary. These checks have played a fundamental part in maintaining a safe and healthy environment within the Centre over the past two years. It is no exaggeration to say that our Temperature Control Checkpoint in Reception has been our first line of defence against Covid and has never let us down. We were one of the first buildings in Ireland to put such measures in place and its use has proved invaluable.

Meeting Rooms
All meeting rooms are now open to both tenants and non-tenants. Social Distancing and Perspex Screens within these rooms will be maintained for the time being: Williams Innovation Room max 6 persons; the McConnell Conference Room max 11 persons; Huddle Room 2 persons.

We are pleased to confirm the Centrepoint Café is back in full operation and open to both tenants and non-tenants alike from 8.30 am to 2.30 each day (Monday to Friday).

Outgoing post reception service will remain suspended for the month of March, but incoming post will continue to be managed. Only small Parcels will be accepted by Centre Staff, and you will need to make your own arrangements with An Post in relation to medium and large size parcels. Again this will be reviewed at the end of next month.

Wexford Enterprise Centre warmly welcome you all to Wexford Enterprise Centre and thank you for your continued support and cooperation! Here’s to a brighter and healthier future!